Official Website for the North Berrien Community Development & Coloma-Watervliet Chamber of Commerce
Official Website for the North Berrien Community Development & Coloma-Watervliet Chamber of Commerce North Berrien Community Development &
Coloma-Watervliet Area Chamber of Commerce

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Improve the Business Climate

The government imposed costs of doing business in Michigan are or are perceived to be high relative to other states. Organized and continuing efforts must be made with state and local officials to reduce both the direct and indirect costs of doing business in the state.

Local Coordination and Cooperation

Establish North Berrien Community Development (NBCD) as a focal point for local government units and other agencies interested in business activities in the area. This may be accomplished through development of a centralized data base and an education plan to increase public knowledge and awareness of the local economy.

In addition, in order for local municipalities to stay informed of NBCD activities, NBCD staff will personally discuss current activities with local managers and head supervisors, and each representative will report back to their individual organization on a quarterly basis.

Emphasize and Promote Local Resources

Formidable attributes of the greater Coloma-Watervliet area include the enviable "quality of life" enjoyed in the area and its abundant labor skills. We should exploit fully;

  • Our diverse recreational facilities.
  • The educational and cultural opportunities of a small but urban community.
  • Community life.
  • Proximity to a large metropolitan area.
  • The work ethic unique to the area.
  • Our diversely-skilled labor base.

Encourage and Promote Entrepreneurship

Much of our major business and industry is "home grown". This suggests that the economic, social and political roots of the area have an entrepreneurial bent. In the current business environment of deregulation and deconglomeration, innovation and entrepreneurship are being favorably received. Programs to provide business planning, financial packaging and counseling and the general infrastructure essential for the formation of new business must be put in place.

Financing Programs and Projects

It is essential the NBCD become extensively involved in projects that will create the diversity of development necessary for the greater Coloma-Watervliet area to reach its full potential. In order for NBCD to accept this position of leadership and to become financially involved, NBCD will have to generate additional revenue sources. These additional sources may be derived from consulting assignments and other quasi-private real estate development activities.


Efforts will be made to attract new businesses which have good prospects for long term growth and stability. Since this is easier said than done, studies would be implemented to identify those target businesses most desirable to the community and or those most likely to be attracted to the area.


It is essential the NBCD provide the leadership and framework around which all other strategies are organized. It is the responsibility of the Executive Director and the Board of Directors to gain support of all participants, establish effective programs and provide the unifying direction required for success.

The Pitcher House Hotel, Coloma, Michigan

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